Bariatric Surgery Diet – Best protein sources for Vegetarian Patients

A common concern about vegetarian or vegan post-op diets is that they might lack sufficient protein. However, many nutritionists agree that a well-planned vegetarian or vegan diet can provide you all the necessary nutrients for a healthy lifestyle.Most importantly, people who follow a vegetarian lifestyle have been shown to carry a lower body weight, have better cholesterol levels, greater longevity, and lower risk of developing cancer.At Long Term WLS we care about our patient’s particular needs, therefore here are some recommendations on how to meet your protein requirements during your weight loss journey being a vegan or vegetarian bariatric surgery patient. A bariatric surgery patient must follow special dietary recommendations to insure the achievement of weight loss goals and weight maintenance. Since day one after bariatric surgery, there’s one factor that you will find steady from day one: protein intake. High-quality protein does not only promote weight-loss, is also fundament…

The importance of Hydration after WLS

After weight loss surgery with Dr. Jorge Maytorena at Long Term WLS in Tijuana Mexico, Dr. Maytorena recommends drinking plenty of water. Sometimes we underestimate the consequences of not taking enough water. And everytime someone says “You have to drink water” we just nod in agreement. However Dehydration is considered the number one reason of hospital readmission for recovering weight loss surgery patients. How much water should you drink?According to Dr. Jorge Maytorena, head bariatric surgeon of Long Term WLS in Tijuana Mexico, 
64 ounces or 8 cups of water is the recommended amount of water you have to drink to stay healthy. 
It might seem a lot of water, but that is just perception created by the fact that you were not drinking 
enough water previous to your surgery. Normally, patients drink other liquids (a lot of them with high 
concentrations of sugar) instead of water.
Now that you are following Dr. Maytorena’s Post-Op diet fluids are part of the first and second stage, 
however …

What Weight Loss Surgery is Right for Me?

Knowing what surgery will help you lose and keep the weight off is the beginning of the journey
Bariatric surgery is safe and effective, many patients rely on weight loss surgery treatment for obesity and its related health conditions. Bariatric surgery in Tijuana with Dr. Jorge Maytorena at the Oasis of Hope Hospital is the best option for patients who want to change to a healthier lifestyle.

Dr. Jorge Maytorena performs different weight loss procedures While the procedures offered vary in their methods of achieving weight loss, all place a restriction on the stomach's capacity to digest large amounts of food and absorb nutrients. After surgery Dr. Maytorena's patients feel full after eating much smaller portions than they have been used to eating.

What are the types of surgeries does Dr. Maytorena perform
Weight Loss Surgery like the Gastric Sleeve or Gastric Bypass are rapidly gaining recognition and approval for its positive effects on obesity and health. Type 2 Diabetes a…


Possible hair loss after weight loss surgery is a major concern for patients who already had the surgery and/or patients who are just starting to consider having the gastric sleeve or gastric bypass procedure. Let’s get this straight and forget about the myths and wrong information. If I have weight loss surgery, am I going to lose my hair?Statistics have shown that only 20 to 30 percent of the patients who had gastric sleeve experience this situation. Hair loss after weight loss surgery (especially gastric sleeve) is a temporary phase if the patient addresses this matter to his/her surgeon, primary physician or nutritionist, and follow all the indications provided. Hair loss commonly arises on patients who had a malabsorptive procedures such as the gastric bypass, mini-gastric bypass, or duodenal switch. On these type of procedures, the nutrients (fat, protein, vitamins, etc) pass through a shortened intestine where they have less opportunity to be absorbed. Less nutrients absorbed = a…

5 Tips to boost your metabolism. Life after weight loss surgery.

Weight loss surgeryin Tijuana Mexico – Long Term WLSHaving weight loss surgery will definitely upgrade your quality of life and health by losing substantial amounts of weight, however it’s up to you to stick to the right guidelines provided by your surgeon to achieve your weight loss goal and an overall success. Now that started your weight loss journey, you may experience a plateau once in a while; this is no reason to panic or feel defeated. Experiencing a stall after weight loss surgery is the perfect moment to make little adjustments to boost your metabolism; a fast metabolism means more calories burned. The more you burn, the easier it is to drop pounds.
1. DON’T STARVE, EAT ENOUGH! Although you need to keep low or cut calories it doesn’t mean you can skip meals or have poor eating decisions. When you eat less than you need for basic biological function (800 to 1,200 calories for most women), your body throws the brakes on your metabolism. Every single day you must eat a good breakf…

Weight loss surgery in Mexico? Do I qualify for surgery?

Does the following information sound familiar to you?... Maybe you are a perfect candidate for weight loss surgery

• Body Mass Index of 31 and higher, or more than 100 pounds of overweight.
• Obesity related diseases, such as type II diabetes (T2DM), hypertension, sleep apnea and other respiratory disorders, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, osteoarthritis, lipid abnormalities, gastrointestinal disorders, or heart disease…
• Difficulty or inability to achieve a healthy weight loss sustained for a period of time with prior weight loss efforts.

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