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After Bariatric Surgery: The Importance of Taking Your Medications as Prescribed!

Taking medications just because you have a certain symptom, doesn’t mean that you can use them for the period and amount you wish for. Taking your medications correctly involves factors such as getting prescriptions filled, remembering to take medication on time, and understanding the indications.
Not taking your medications as prescribed can interfere with the ability to treat conditions and diseases, leading to greater complications from the illness and a lower quality of life for the patient. Taking your medications as your doctor prescribed it is crucial, especially when you had a major surgery since this will improve the process of healing and will also help you experience a safe and faster recovery.
Bariatric Surgery with Long Term WLS: Take-home medication (Medical prescription)
A medical prescription to take back home will be provided after bariatric surgery with Long Term WLS, those medications are not included in the price of the surgical package. The whole medic…