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Dr. Jorge Maytorena weight loss surgery patients

From Bariatric Pal

Hello guys! This is my first time writing a review on gastric sleeve because I JUST DID IT...
My doctor is DR MAYTORENA guys the whole process was the best experience I ever had. 
I am considered low bmi without any comorbidities but I did it for me and I did not want to tell anybody.

I was searching around in CAnada but since I was low bmi there was no way they would have accepted me here. So I looked in mexcico and I found LONGTERM VSG for $2999. The lowest price u would ever see for this type of surgery. I sent my 300 for the deposit and asked a week of from work😅. I flew to San Diego yesterday and got there at 1030 am. As soon as I got there, Annette picked me up, such a sweetheart. We got into the clinic small but very clean and the did all the blood work and urine, everything was perfect. The cardiologist , the doctor the anesthesiologist, in fact the whole team spoke perfect English, so no problem of communication. Once they got the balance my surgery began at 5…