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Premium medical attention with human approach - Long Term VSG

In Long Term WLS/VSG, we truly care about each of our patients; our mission is to provide long lasting, weight loss results through bariatric surgery.For us, is not all about the money;Dr. Jorge Maytorena and our team are highly compromised to offer personalized medical attention of the maximum quality, providing a real opportunity to change our patients’ lives for the best.
As part of his vocation and ethics, our surgeon, Dr. Maytorena is strongly focused on individualized care and has a genuine interest in helping those in need. This was his main motivation to attend medical school and dedicate his life to medicine. 
In Long Term WLS/VSG, you will not only receive premium medical attention but also a service with human approach. We work hard to understand your needs. We make efforts to provide an excellent experience in our facilities, and a healthy/safe trip to go back home. 
We understand that traveling to another country for a surgical procedure might be difficult or frightening, so…

Bariatric patient awareness: Important things you should know when choosing a bariatric surgeon in Tijuana Mexico

Having bariatric surgery in Tijuana Mexico can lead to a healthier lifestyle and the permanent weight loss results, without mentioning lowering the risk of heart diseases and diabetes.
In order to choose the right surgeon and the right procedure, it is important that patients do some research. However, they should acknowledge all the types of information present online. Patients who have gone under bariatric surgery in Tijuana Mexico, many times share their experience in different media outlets, resulting in positive or negative. Some of them who have achieved successful results, take this as an opportunity to become ambassadors and start getting commissions for their recommendations, which is something you should to take with a grain of salt.
Here are some hints to recognize these types of patients, who often: Invite you into a private conversation on a bariatric forum, send you an inbox message or chat.Talk negative about other doctors.Offer to escort you to the clinic and stay with …

How Much Weight Will I Lose After Gastric Sleeve?

How many pounds will I lose after surgery?... This is the most popular and common question of our patients, a very logical and reasonable doubt before taking a life changing decision... But unfortunately we cannot provide and exact number of pounds because every patient has different BMI, lifestyle, and characteristics.. 
What we can assure you is that after Gastric Sleeve (VSG), people generally lose from 80% to 90% of their excess weight... But remember that Gastric Sleeve is not a "magic cure", the amount of weight depends on a number of factors; excessive, diet, lifestyle, and your overall commitment to changing old and bad habits... It also includes patients who have followed their post operative guidelines and patients who have not.
Its very important to keep in mind that are patients who lose less and some other that lose much more, but the ultimate success from VSG comes from setting the proper expectations and making a commitment with yourself to change your habit…