How Much Weight Will I Lose After Gastric Sleeve?

How many pounds will I lose after surgery?... This is the most popular and common question of our patients, a very logical and reasonable doubt before taking a life changing decision... But unfortunately we cannot provide and exact number of pounds because every patient has different BMI, lifestyle, and characteristics.. 

What we can assure you is that after Gastric Sleeve (VSG), people generally lose from 80% to 90% of their excess weight... But remember that Gastric Sleeve is not a "magic cure", the amount of weight depends on a number of factors; excessive, diet, lifestyle, and your overall commitment to changing old and bad habits... It also includes patients who have followed their post operative guidelines and patients who have not.

Its very important to keep in mind that are patients who lose less and some other that lose much more, but the ultimate success from VSG comes from setting the proper expectations and making a commitment with yourself to change your habits and sticking to them...

If your weight loss number seems lower than expected, don't get upset! Generally you cannot expect to go from 300 lbs down to 120 lbs from surgery alone.. What you CAN DO expect once you start to lose weight, is that it will be easier to exercise and stay active to keep enjoying your life and improve your weight loss results... Once you start to notice results, you will be more motivated to keep on track!

So, we share with you some of our patients weight loss progress and results after Gastric Sleeve surgery... So you can set a real expectation of the journey that your about to take in!

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