Something you didn’t know about Dr. Maytorena

At Long Term WLS/VSG we are committed to offer a high quality medical experience in Tijuana Mexico. Our team has the most qualified surgeons, doctors and nurses to provide you a professional approach and the best weigh loss results to our patients.

It’s very important to us, to make you feel comfortable and secure, that’s one of the main reasons why our Leading Surgeon Dr. Jorge Maytorena became part of our team… Dr. Maytorena has a strong work ethic as a doctor and surgeon; he went to medical school with the purpose of helping and improving people’s lives through medicine. But is not only his good heart what have made him a recommended a trusted surgeon, he has a clean record of quality and excellence in every one of his surgeries, this has a lot to do whit his medical training and constant education.

Beside of being a Certified bariatric Surgeon, Dr. Maytorena is also a Trauma Surgeon; he spent over 3 years at Tijuana Red Cross as part of his training (The Red Cross of Tijuana treats over 60 percent of all the trauma accidents in Tijuana). Working with The Red Cross, provided him a first-hand experience in dealing with patients with traumatic injuries in a fast paced environment.

As a Trauma Surgeon, Dr. Jorge Maytorena is more than qualified to treat traumatic injuries, generally focused on the abdominal area along with any given emergency event it may be required to serve upon. Dr. Maytorena is prepared to handle pressure and work fast to solve any medical difficulty. For this reason, many of our patients, specially nurses, have chosen Dr. Maytorena as their surgeon for Bariatric surgery, in case that some unexpected situation that could risk our patients’ lives arises, he is capacitated to stabilize and keep the patient healthy.

Being a trauma surgeon has provided him a lot experience, but mostly important; compassion and empathy for the patient. So you can make sure that you will be on the best hands…. If you are considering going trough bariatric surgery in Tijuana Mexico, Dr. Jorge Maytorena is definitely the best option for your health and desire weight loss results. Don’t hesitate and contact us!

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