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If I don't eat I will lose weight, Right? Think Again!

Patients who have Gastric Sleeve Surgery or other Bariatric Surgery at Long Term WLS with
Dr. Jorge Maytorena at the Oasis Of Hope Hospital, have started their weight loss journey and changing 
and creating new habits, especially when it comes to the amount and type of food they eat, as well as 
exercising regularly, both of these practices are very important to achieve a healthier lifestyle. If I don't Eat I lose weight, Right?
It is a common (and huge) popular misconception that if a person does not eat, they will lose weight,
however that is farther from the truth than what you imagine. Dr. Maytorena advises weight loss surgery
patients to follow the post-op habit of eating more than 3 times a day.
Why does eating regularly help you lose weight?
Dr. Maytorena  explains how our body consumes nutrients. Our digestive system converts the consumed
food into glucose, which is our source of energy, when glucose runs out the next substance inline to be 
consumed is glycogen which are the par…