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Medical tourism in Tijuana Mexico – Weight loss surgery

Medical tourism in Tijuana Mexico – Weight loss surgery
Proudly located in Tijuana Mexico, Long Term WLS/VSG offers a team of certified and professional surgeons, high quality facilities and a very affordable price to all of our patients… Tijuana city has become one of the most important borders in the world, welcoming every day thousands of persons for medical, business, traveling and many other proposes…
Located about 20-25 minutes from San Diego, California; we are prepared to offer every one of our patients the best medical services. Many people travel from other countries, especially U.S. and Canada to get a medical treatment for an affordable price with high standards and quality.
For many years our city was involved in a high crime wave, affecting the image and perception of Tijuana around the world... The Mexican government put all his strength and resources to resolve the security problem, leaving in the past that regrettable situation that affected citizens and visitors, work…

What is Revision surgery? - Weight loss surgery

Revision Surgery in Tijuana Mexico
Revision surgery is a surgical procedure for patients that have experienced an unsatisfactory result from a previous bariatric procedure; either had complications or have not successfully achieved weigh loss results from the initial surgery. 

When is Revision Surgery appropriate? Weight was re gain after previous weight loss surgery: Research shows that up to 20% of patients who were morbidly obese prior to their initial surgery and up to 35% of patients who were super obese have gained back more than 50% of their excess weight after 10 years..Not enough weight-loss: Patient wants to achieve greater weight loss results... Results may vary after weight loss surgery according to the patient; healthy and effective weight loss depends on following the post operatory diet and guidelines, remember that the sleeve is only a tool to reduce and limit the food intake, but is up to you to choose the type of food you are putting in to your body to reach long term w…