Medical tourism in Tijuana Mexico – Weight loss surgery

Medical tourism in Tijuana Mexico – Weight loss surgery

Proudly located in Tijuana Mexico, Long Term WLS/VSG offers a team of certified and professional surgeons, high quality facilities and a very affordable price to all of our patients… Tijuana city has become one of the most important borders in the world, welcoming every day thousands of persons for medical, business, traveling and many other proposes…

Located about 20-25 minutes from San Diego, California; we are prepared to offer every one of our patients the best medical services. Many people travel from other countries, especially U.S. and Canada to get a medical treatment for an affordable price with high standards and quality.

For many years our city was involved in a high crime wave, affecting the image and perception of Tijuana around the world... The Mexican government put all his strength and resources to resolve the security problem, leaving in the past that regrettable situation that affected citizens and visitors, working every day to build a safer and better city; improving the quality of life... Over the last 6 years, the Mexican government made a considerable effort to improve the security and low down the levels of violence and crime organization in Tijuana Mexico, protecting U.S. citizens and other visitors… Nowadays Tijuana city is developing as a very important destination for the highest technology and medical services, putting the city on the spotlight as one of the most visited cities for medical tourism.

Seeking for Gastric Sleeve in Tijuana Mexico?
If you’re considering going through weight loss surgery in Mexico with the highest quality and experience, then Long Term WLS/VSG it may be the perfect choice for you! Offering Gastric Sleeve surgery for a very affordable price. Gastric sleeve has become one of the most popular and effective procedures to lose weight, with this surgery you’ll be able to see major progress on the journey of weight loss; the first month after surgery you can reach a weight loss from 20 to 30 pounds or at least 5% of your body fat… Gastric Sleeve is the beginning of a healthier lifestyle!

All-inclusive package:
• Ground transportation to and from clinic or hospital to the San Diego International Airport.

• Two night stay at facilities (companion stay is not included in package)

• All pre-op testing and exams

• All related surgical costs: surgeon’s fees, anesthesia, equipment and nursing care.
• Meals included for patient.

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