5 Necessary Questions to Ask Before Having WLS in Mexico

Once you’ve made the decision of having Weight Loss Surgery in Mexico, the next step is to know who is the best bariatric surgeon to make sure you are in the best hands.
Since you will travel to Mexico for your surgery, you will have to make research to get the closest to a first hand experience of where you will have surgery, fortunately we have the Internet to help out on the quest of looking for the best bariatric surgeon for your weight loss surgery.

There are many things to consider and you might have a list of questions, however there are some questions that are more important than others, here we present the top 5 questions to ask before having Weight Loss Surgery in Mexico.

5 questions to ask your doctor before having Weight Loss Surgery in Mexico

1.- How long has your doctor been performing Bariatric Surgery?

Experience is a great indicator of your doctor’s track record. Dr. Maytorena has over 16 years of experience in bariatric surgery, he has international studies and has become one of the most skilled surgeons in Mexico.

2.- How Many surgeries has he done?

The number of surgeries is another key indicator of the surgeon’s experience, Dr. Jorge Maytorena has performed over 6,000 successful surgeries, do to this he is one of the highest regarded bariatric surgeons in Mexico

3.- Does the doctor perform Open or Laparoscopic surgery?

Laparoscopic surgery is done by introducing a very small camera into the patient’s body, Dr. Maytorena performs bariatric surgery though the laparoscopic procedure, which means it is minimally invasive, fewer wound complications and quicker recovery time.

4.- Has he had any of the patients died within a month after the surgery? If So What were the causes of death.

There are very experienced surgeons that have performed surgery on high-risk patients, however, Dr. Maytorena has a clean record and has not had any deaths of bariatric patients.

5.- Testimonials

There is no better proof of the experience of having bariatric surgery than the actual patients that had surgery with a certain doctor, they have a first-hand contact with the medical staff, facilities, patient coordinator, administrative staff and most importantly the results.

Here at Long Term WLS we have a vast amount of video testimonials in out Youtube Channel, we update testimonials constantly to provide information for the soon-to-be patient to be well informed on other’s Long Term WLS experience.

Here are some videos from our channel

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