The importance of Hydration after WLS

Drinking water helps you lose weight 

After weight loss surgery with Dr. Jorge Maytorena at Long Term WLS in Tijuana Mexico, Dr. Maytorena recommends drinking plenty of water. Sometimes we underestimate the consequences of not taking enough water. And everytime someone says “You have to drink water” we just nod in agreement. However Dehydration is considered the number one reason of hospital readmission for recovering weight loss surgery patients.

How much water should you drink?

According to Dr. Jorge Maytorena, head bariatric surgeon of Long Term WLS in Tijuana Mexico, 
64 ounces or 8 cups of water is the recommended amount of water you have to drink to stay healthy. 
It might seem a lot of water, but that is just perception created by the fact that you were not drinking 
enough water previous to your surgery. Normally, patients drink other liquids (a lot of them with high 
concentrations of sugar) instead of water.

Now that you are following Dr. Maytorena’s Post-Op diet fluids are part of the first and second stage, 
however many patients stop drinking liquids once they reach the blended food stage, and that is a huge 
mistake.  Keep in mind that Dr. Maytorena recommends to drink water between meals not while having 
them. This is to make sure that you are not filling up on water and you can eat your protein which is also 
very important.

What are the consequences of not drinking enough water?

Not consuming the necessary amount can lead to lightheadedness, confusion,low blood pressure, dry skin, 
elevated heartbeat, constipation, headaches, irritability, and fever.
Dr. Maytorena understands that it can take some time getting used to, however you are in a transition period 
where new things are happening and change is part of a successful weight loss journey.

Making drinking water easy

If drinking water makes you nauseous, experiment with temperature; drink hot water and see how you feel, 
then change to room temperature and then ice-cold.
If afterwards you still feel nauseous try drinking infusions: fill up a pitcher with water, add some sliced cucumber 
and mint and let it settle in the fridge for about an hour, not only will it help you, it will also refresh you.

Dr. Jorge Maytorena also recommends drinking chamomile tea to ease your stomach, you can drink it hot or 
after infused you can add some ice cubes.

Dr. Jorge Maytorena is the head Bariatric Surgeon of Long Term WLS in Tijuana Mexico, at the Oasis of Hope Hospital 
with more than 10 years of experience he performs many bariatric surgeries such as gastric sleeve, gastric bypass,
Mini-Gastric Bypass, SADI-S, Duodenal switch and Revision Surgeries.

If you are thinking about having bariatric  surgery, please give us a call and we will gladly help you to choose the right 
surgery for you.
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