Why do Long Term VSG and Dr. Maytorena provide such a low price?

In Long Term WLS/VSG we understand our patient’s necessities, besides offering and guaranteeing high standard health care, we adjusted some of our bariatric surgeries prices to a promotional price according to almost every one of our patient’s budget. This is a unique opportunity, for now we are able to establish a promotional bariatric surgery price by designing a different advertisement strategies that allow us to approach the patients through lower costs and greater reach…
Our gastric sleeve surgery is actually starting at $3.499 Dlls, but this is only a promotional price, with time and the influence of certain factors the price gradually returns to its regular price $4,500 Dlls…
Will the price effect the quality of medication and service?
No, in Long Term WLS/VSG Tijuana Mexico, we always offer the highest quality in our medical services, medical equipment and medical supplies. The health of our bariatric surgery patients is maintained with appropriate and premium medications from the best and most recommended pharmaceutical brands.
What kind of staples are used for bariatric surgery?
The staples we use for bariatric surgery are 100 percent pure Titanium, Original Johnson and Johnson staples.
How many staple cartridges are used for sleeve surgery?
Our bariatric surgeons use as many staples cartridges as the patient surgery require, usually our leading surgeon Dr. Maytorena use from 4 to 6 cartridges to perform a proper gastric sleeve surgery in the patient.
Proper shape sleeves for optimal results:
Dr. Maytorena’s experience in the bariatric field allowed him to develop a high standard technique that provides a proper shape sleeve that guarantees long term weight loss results to his patients.Dr. Maytorena focuses on many medical factors to perform a proper shape sleeve, one of the main subjects is the hygiene, Dr. Maytorena and his team in Tijuana Mexico, prepare the operating room sterilizing the room and instruments area before bariatric surgery.
Our sugeon Dr. Jorge Maytorena uses full staple lines and sews over the staple lines (because staple lines are more consistent and therefore less likely to leak blood, air or bowel contents), he also uses a 37 Bougie size (bougie is a flexible tube that is place in the stomach by the anesthesiologist).

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