Deciding to have surgery in a hospital over a clinic is a no brainer!

  • A clinic is a private health/surgery center started by a practicing physician; a hospital can be a private or a government building where patients are admitted for treatment or any medical emergency.
  • A clinic is usually run for about 3-8 hours when the doctor visits and examines the patient, prescribes medicines, gives the directions as to how to use the medication and then leave. A hospital is a 24/7 health center with several specialists, doctors and professional nurses attending upon the patient's.
  • There will be separate rooms meant for patients that are admitted in a hospital. On the other hand, a clinic does not have several rooms meant for patient’s stay or recovery.
  • A clinic normally does not have beds meant for patients. A hospital has plenty beds meant for patients; it’s also equipped with special beds for patients with high BMI.
  • Last but not least…  if a patient develops a serious complication, the doctor at the clinic needs to quickly transfer him to a nearby hospital.

Think twice about the place you choose to have your surgery, chose a certified and fully equipped facility, so you can relax and have a more comfortable stay.

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