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You might heard about the changing lifestyles according to different times, eras, society’s, etc… the actual reality is that our current lifestyle in America and many other countries became less active than it used to be in the past; many people use buses and cars rather than walking or using bicycle, most people have sedentary jobs or work in offices where they’re sitting for most of the day, recreational or outdoors activities became replaced by digital entertainments where the person spend long period of time sitting or partially moving… Adding the fact that the majority of the people don’t have enough time to exercise daily or prepare their food at home, and they end up eating fast food with poor nutrition elements. This means that the calories they eat are not getting burnt off as energy, instead, the extra calories are stored as fat, leading to weight gain.
Without lifestyle changes to in increase the amount of physical activity done on a daily basis, or reduce the amount of calories consumed, people can become obese… which has become a very common condition in our society, increasing year by year the numbers of overweight and obese people in the United States, Canada and Mexico (North America). Is no surprise that over 70 percent of American adults are obese or have unhealthy overweight, putting the majority of our society at higher risk for health problems such as heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, diabetes and more...

Fighting obesity is not a matter of beauty, is a matter of health!
Being obese is not something that you should stop worrying about, this condition has become one of the number #1 killers, shortening life expectancy of our society! Obesity is treated by losing weight, which can be achieved through a healthy, calorie-controlled diet and increased exercise… But in so many cases this is pretty hard to achieve; leading most people to try crazy methods to lose weight by unhealthy diets, toxic pills, detox, eating disorders, etc…
In Long Term WLS, we care about this problem; one of our biggest intentions, is to help and contribute providing a long lasting solution to obese and overweight patients through bariatric surgery. Our business is not all about the money; Dr. Jorge Maytorena and our staff are highly compromised to provide prime quality medical care and a real opportunity to people to change or patients’ lives for good, designing business and marketing strategies to lower down our prices to an affordable one for most segments.
It might be harder for us to see elevated percentages of profit with a single or few surgeries in comparison with other clinics or surgical centers (60% percent less profit than the competition), that’s why our team is working hard to stay competitive and keep offering the same rank of prices that we’ve been offering since the beginning of our business without compromising the quality and care in every one of our weight loss surgeries… The work ethics of our surgeons Dr. Maytorena and Dr. Ary Zarate, are highly related to social causes contribution, that’s why our doctors studied and have dedicated their lives to medicine…
How is that Long Term WLS provide such a low price?... Since the beginning of our business we have segmented our marketing efforts and strategies to lower down our publicity costs, also we have developed our own technologies and processes to monitor and attend our patients before and after surgery, which it has allowed us to save large amounts in operating expenses.
So, basically not all services that are offered at a “low” price comparing to the competition are necessarily bad quality… This, has to do in our case whit the values and strategies of our brand and business, make your own research and never doubt about contacting us to clear your doubts!
It’s time for a better version of you!
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